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Background On eBay
eBay has millions of members and it is a springboard for anyone who wants to benefit from its marketplace and start making lots of money. Millions and millions of buyers and sellers on eBay engage daily in purchases and ransactions. Someone might be buying a car, a house or even a plane!
The beauty of eBay is that you can start earning from the comfort of your home without having to do any complex transactions. I have written this guide focusing on how ONE Seller makes over $7000 selling just ONE SINGLE eBook (a digital product). In this guide I reveal the strategies and the way to sell your digital product on eBay and start making thousands of dollars every month.

There are many sellers making thousands online quietly selling digital products on eBay and people are buying their products in large quantities. Imagine having a ton of instant PayPal notifications in your PayPal inbox every single day?

You can have buyers from all corners of the world craving your information product. I’m going to reveal how you can successfully copy the sellers and start making thousands of dollars a month from eBay. Most of the sellers I have researched on are making this amount with just ONE e-book!
So, sit back and enjoy following my methods and tactics and you too can start selling your own digital products on eBay!

Information products on eBay
Information products are growing in popularity every year and the demand for them remains incredibly high. Every year millions of dollars are spent on information products, such as eBooks, reports and other knowledge such as wholesale lists etc.

However, in recent years there has been a growing myth that selling informational products on eBay is a complete nightmare. I hear endless so called Internet 'Gurus' who are constantly saying it is a bad idea selling information products on eBay because not only are they ‘hard to sell’ but also
you will ‘waste your eBay fees and not make any sales’.
That theory is complete and utter BS. I can give you evidence from several eBay sellers who are making thousands and thousands of dollars a month selling digital products, on total autopilot. I have decided to spy on these guys and see what they are selling. My research was on Digital Products and to my surprise I found that several eBay sellers are making a very nice
income selling just 1-2 of their eBooks on eBay and making a shedload of sales every single day of the year. Yes, including Christmas Day!

The vast majority of information products are eBay are poor quality, very basic and are often seen as 'scams'. However, the key thing you have to understand is that you have to 'dig deep' and uncover the gold. Too many people are trying to sell resell rights eBooks – this is not the way. Not only will you have lots of other people selling the SAME eBook at a lower price but you will also lose your credibility by selling 'junk' information.
Therefore, this report will show you how you can avoid this pitfall and brand yourself on eBay and have buyers 'craving' to buy your product every single day, and from all over the world.
Also you will notice that there is a lot of 'junk' out there and it is these products that are low priced and these are the ones people buy just to increase their feedback ratings – so avoid these and avoid pricing them at a low price.
Generally, if you price your product at a price between $7.00 - $9.00 you will have a better chance of selling your product because people will perceive your product to be of higher quality. Make sure you are careful when pricing your product. First impressions count.
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